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Browser Favorites Folder

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    I did not like any of the iE Browsers because even if I Clear my Search History if you click on the dropdown list you will get a Folder that says say one of you past linsks.

    And if you click this it takes you to the last page you where at.

    And I found a lot of these so I could not Delette these so I left iE and got Maxthon3 Browser.

    I like it a lot but I have 6 Favorites Folder and I exported them.

    When I import them I found out I have to first make all 6 of the Folder and then import eatch Favorites to them.

    iE you just import one file and all your Folders you made come back with it at one time I love this.

    Am I doing it wrong or do you recomand a diferant Browser for all my needs?
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    Re: Browser

    If you post these computer help threads in the computers forum, you may get better results. Please stop posting them in the engineering forum.

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