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Browser icon display issues

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    I posted earlier about Opera Classic not displaying the "gingerbread" graphics on pages. Held up on posting more because of the good teamwork I read on the "some icons don't display" thread. I recognized that all of the graphics that OC wasn't displaying for me were the same ones, without the empty rectangles. (Kudos to @strangerep for the x'lnt screenshots!). So, members have been doing great to narrow down things like "whitelist" actions.

    Just now, running on IE 11, every page I click to displays the security warning, "Only secure content is displayed. Show all content?". I dismissed the first two, and selected to show all content after the third. But it doesn't help, every page displays this message.

    I actually opened a PF session to check on the servers for the graphics when this came up, and then to check the certificate for the source, but Murphy's Law interrupted me. :cool: "Par for the course"... One step backward, two steps forward... I'll follow up later. Go Team!
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    PF was temporarily linking to some http content. It was only for 10 minutes or so. Back to normal.
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