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Browser won't give me the newest page.

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    OK. So the title wasn't the best... Example: I am running IE8. Say I have a window open on the Yahoo main page. Then I navigate away from it for 10, 20, 50 minutes or several hours. If after that I type Yahoo.com in the adress bar, I will get the page 'unrefreshed' as I last visited it.

    This example is the easiest to explain but the issue is making my entire browsing experience much more labourious than it seems it should be.* Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks. :smile:

    * I understand that this is a fairly trivial matter and admit completely that I screwed around with the settings on this computer and this could very well be a problem of my own doing.
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    Hmm. Go to your IE 8 Internet Optoins > General Settings > Browser History > and check the "Every time I visit a webpage" near the top of the menu. This will update the page in your cache every time you re-visit the page. Your load times may be a little longer though. You can read through these options and see which one works best for you.
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    I was right there and didn't even see it. Thanks Pattonias! This seems to have helped.
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