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News Bruce Springsteen on 22/7 memorial concert

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    In the rainy evening here in Oslo, about 50.000 Norwegians attended the memorial concert for the dreadful terror attacks last year.
    As it happened, Bruce Springsteen had a concert in Oslo yesterday, and many hoped that he would make an appearance on the memorial concert today.
    He did.
    Together with Steven Van Zandt (who is, not just part of the E sreet Band, but also plays the lead character in the Sopranos follow-up "Lilyhammer", and had just left Norway a few days before 22/7), Springsteen performed "We shall Overcome":

    A great thank you! to a great American who I always have respected for his warm humanity, that never degenerates into sentimentality, but focuses on such "simple", yet difficult things like struggling to remain a decent human being in a tough, and sometimes directly unfair world.
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