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Brushless DC motor text book

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    I'm looking for a text book that has an in depth coverage of brushless DC motor physics as well as control theory.
    -indepth mathematical approach as well as conceptual theory
    -controller schemes and design fundementals
    -mathematical study of induced currents on the stator/rotor, and what this means for controller design and feedback
    -rotor inertia, air gap, power, torque, etc...
    -a comparison with conventional motors including ac induction, ac synchronous, standard dc, switch reluctance, etc...
    Any help with text suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I found several dozen on amazon.com but I am overwhelmed by the selection and prices. I need the "ace in the hole" text so I won't have to buy two. I'm also concerned that I will spend 100+ dollars on a text book that only has ~5 pages of BLDC theory.
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