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BS in aerospace MS in applied physics

  1. Nov 19, 2014 #1
    I am an international student studying Aerospace engineering in undergrad with a plan to do BS in physics too in US. I am really interested in Fluid mechanics, plasma physics and those stuffs but my university doesn't offer any of those and hence the reason I took aero and physics. But I am planning too do applied physics for my grad if I get into columbia or Havard(my dream colleges). Does it seem like a good plan?? And what more would you guys suggest so that I can get into those. Like GRE, research. And will they accept me if I am from engineering major.
    And please suggest what kind of electives I should take in my physics. I have 17 hours of them. Unfortunately there isn't many electives in Aero.
    plus I am in honors college too.
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