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Physics BS in Physics, Masters in MechE

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    As title states, does it make me unattractive for corporations if I am seeking any job as a MechE? Is this a common thing to do? (The nearby university does not have any engineering programs, and therefore I am torn between taking physics there and getting my master's somewhere else, or getting my engineering bachelor's from somewhere else and get 80K into debt.)

    Thanks for the help.
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    If you get a BS in Physics and an MS in MechE, you should be OK for the engineering job market. Naturally, most people hiring for an engineering job will want someone with an engineering degree, but people with a physics BS being hired as engineers is not uncommon. If you can get a BS Physics/MS Eng for less cost than a BS Eng, I would do it.
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    I have a friend who went that route and had no problems getting a job at a big engineering firm as soon as he graduated.
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