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BS in physics to MS in Material Engineering

  1. Apr 29, 2009 #1
    I am currently at the end of my junior year at UNC Chapel Hill, with a major of BS Physics and minor in math. Towards the start of this semester I realised I just didn't have the interest in any field of physics to justify another 5+ years of school (also burnout has become a major problem). I have decided to go back to what always interested me in high school and early college, material science/engineering. UNC does not have it's own material engineering program, but it does have a small Applied Science program with a speciality in material science that is made up of professors from different disciplines. I have looked at the courses needed for this major, and there is a lot of overlap with my physics degree. The classes that I am missing are a few chemistry classes (mostly as prerequisites) and then the actual material science classes.

    I was hoping for feedback on how the switch from physics to (material) engineering went for others, specifically how much catch-up did you have to play? I have strong grades in all my classes, but especially in physics and math. The last chemistry class I took was AP Chemistry in junior year of high school.

    I currently have two classes left for my math minor, but I am mostly getting the minor to just have it, as I already have learned a great deal of the material in more advanced math and physics classes. Would it be worth it to drop the minor and replace the two math classes with two semesters of pass/fail chemistry (specifically organic chemistry I and II, as these seem to be prerequisites for most of the material science classes here)?
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