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BSC Astrophyics,Planetry Science,Astronomy

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    I have 2 questions and look forward to your help.

    I want to study undergraduate course related to Physics and Astronomy.

    I see a lot of BSC courses at various universities , such as following :-

    Astronomy and Physics
    Astronomy, Space Sci & Astrophysics
    Physics and Astrophysics
    Physics with Meteorology
    Physics with Particle Physics & Cosmology
    Physics with Planetary & Space Physics
    Physics with Satellite Technology
    Physics with Space Science
    Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics
    Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
    Smart Systems and Astrophysics
    Space Science and Robotics

    I am now confused which course to take as most of them a something in comman with some variations.Friends, please advise , which course is more demanding and beneficial for me to help in my MSC degree in future.

    My second question is - which are the top 10 universities in the UK / Ireland that are known for having the best teaching faculty and equipments for a UG (Bsc) study.

    Thank you.
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