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BSc in Applied Physics - Help

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    I am a senior majoring in Applied Physics.. I'm set to graduate next year and intended on pursuing a master's degree in Electrical Engineering. After doing research it seems it will be difficult to find a job even after I obtained my master's degree for the simple fact of not being an accredited Professional Engineer. I've considered changing majors to electrical engineering but this will require three more years of school and many of the courses I've already completed will go to waste. Right now I'm feeling like a sucker for majoring in Physics..
    I just want a job in the industry where I can apply my knowledge and skills. Any suggestions or information on my options would be greatly appreciated. Right now my mind is blank.
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    In Canada in order to be accredited as a professional engineer you also need a few years of work experience in the field, meaning graduate engineers have to find a job before they can become P. Engg's. Are you sure that's not the case where you live?
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