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BSc in Physics

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    Where are those with a BSc in physics, in Canada, usually employed?

    Don't mention education.
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    No response?

    So a BSc alone is useless.
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    In the US people with just a BSc in physics generally work in engineering jobs. I know people who have finished their undergrad and gone to work for Northrop Grumman, Boeing, more than few to various tech companies in silicon valley, etc. However they do not work as physicists, they work with engineers on engineering projects.
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    What a sad fate.
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    No it isn't!

    Working as an engineer is fun. It is challenging and interesting. If you want to do basic research, get a Phd. Even then, the majority of Physics Phds work basically as engineers of one sort or another. If you don't want to work as an engineer, don't sudy physics unless you are top University straight A smart and even then you will probably end up as an engineer. Even Einstein was basically an engineer until he published his famous papers in 1905.
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    Einstein and one of his students developed a new type of refrigerator (at the time). Engineering isn't bad.
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    I've worked as a Production Technologist for an instrumentation company and then in Technical Sales for an automation components manufacturer.
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    At least two of our students have gone to law school to study patent law.
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