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Bsc physics scholarship

  1. Mar 24, 2015 #1
    I'm a class 12 student. I'm interested in physics and would like to pursue a higher education in it. Since my parents are poor, I won't be able to afford an expensive college. Can someone tell me of good scholarships? Also, can you tell me a way in which I would get allowances ?
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    It might help if you were to post some information about where you are and where you intend on going. Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are usually country-specific.

    In North America, while some people have the luxury of well-off parents, many will work their way through university and/or take out student loans to fund their education. Scholarships are ideal though, if you can qualify for them. Most universities have offices of financial assistance and they might be good places to start looking.
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    I'm a senior in a CBSE(Indian system) school. I currently live in Saudi Arabia, but my nationality is Eritrean. I intend on going to a good university/college in Asian, North America, or Europe.
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