Bubble chamber experiment help

  1. For this experiment, you don't have to go into the lab. I thought it would be a breeze but I was wrong. The problem I'm having is collecting the data. The figures given are to be used to find the data but I don't know what I'm looking at and how to find the tan planes. Is there someway to explain this or give an example to help me get started? Here's the address to the manual: http://www.hep.fsu.edu/~wahl/phy4822/expinfo/BC/bchamb.html. File too big to attach.
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  3. Radius of curvature

    Perhaps the calculation of the radius of curvature has you stumped. Check out this page
    From there you should be able to calculate the radius of curvature in figure 3 or 4, and the angles you can measure directly.

    Hope this helps.
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