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Buck Converter Modeling

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    Hi I'm currently modeling a 5-12Vdc buck converter, and just out of nowhere decided to put a transistor between the output resistance and the diode. Now, this transistor is always connected to voltage so it shouldn't do anything at all, it's just a closed switch. What happens is that the transistor ends up eating a lot of the voltage. I don't really understand what's happening.

    Circuito.png output.png
    Resistance Voltage. It's 2.... when it should be 12.
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    Actually it's a boost. My bad...
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    What is the V at the Emitter of Q2 Relative to the base of Q2?
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    Looks like that a demand for a transistor DC gain (Icollector/Ibase) must be pretty high in this example.
    Check out 2N2222A transistor's characteristics curves.
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