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Bucket of water?

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    lets say I have a bucket of water with 5 gallons, could I keep pouring half of the weight out for-ever or would I hit a limit like I couldn't split the water molecule to take out half the weight .
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    This question is right along the lines of one of my pet peeves... which is... how do you get from 1 to 2 if there is an infinite number of increments between the two qualifiers?

    In your case, mind you, there is a slightly more concrete problem in that there are molecules that will eventually be removed from the 5 gallon bucket.

    But, lets say you're walking step by step... the distance between each step is infinite... according to incremental measurements.... and the point system.... help!?
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    ok it helps thanks , then you probably would hate the question if god flips a light switch an infinite amount of times is the light on or off .
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    In this problem there are two unknowns.... god and infinite... can't prove god and can't prove infinite... so any answer will do... like "both".
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    Math Is Hard

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    When you get down to splitting H2O, you're done splitting "water".

    If we're talking about an infinite amount of times being done by an entity who has an infinite amount of time, the flipping never stops.

    We're done here.
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