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Buckingham Pi Theorm

  1. Dec 28, 2009 #1
    Heya, I'm new here and really need help!

    So I'm having trouble with the *Buckingham Pi Theorem*.

    I think I've got the jist of it bar one thing...

    So you have a bunch of variables e.g a force, velocity, denisty, length, viscosity, speed of sound:
    f(F, V, roh, L, mu, a)

    Do the (N variables - M fundamental dimentions):
    to get the number of parameters:
    pi1 pi2 pi3

    How do know/determine which are the reoccuring variables:
    pi1 = f(roh, V, L, F)
    pi2 = f(foh, V, L, mu)
    pi3 = f(roh, V, L, a)

    How do you know/determine which of the variables within each parameter doesn't go to the power of a letter (where the letters are exponents to be found)?

    eg. pi1 = roh^c V^d L^e F

    I hope this makes sense :)
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