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Buckling Experiment

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    Hi i am doing my project on corelation between experiment and analysis for buckling. So for doing the experiment i should prepare my own test rig . but how it is possible could anyone help me in my project?
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    That's a really broad question. You should provide more details, and what kinds of equipment you have access to.

    If you just want to measure the buckling load of a fixed-fixed Euler column then just make samples that fit into a compression test machine.
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    ya its a fixed-fixed end and i can do that on instron machine. the main problem is that which type of fixtures should i do for doing on aluminium rod. the dia of aluminium rodi is 6.63 mm
    and length 420 mm. can u make hand calculations for this as well because i got 377N but my professor that its to low u should do once again.
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    take a steel profile, put a bucket on top and gradually fill it with water, given that with every phase you measure the bendage variables.
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