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Buckling: Load applied to edge

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    When calculating buckling force i have only found how to calculate it with a force applied to the entire cross section, how can you use Euler's if the force is applied just to an edge or point.

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    An eccentric compressive load will act also like a bending moment, at the same time it generates an axial compressive force. This is closer to what happens in steel structures.

    If you are looking for a more theoretical aproach, this link might be useful:


    Also, I recommend AISC ASD (Allowable Stress Design) old code for an insight of how this behaviour could be taken into account in steel structures design, or API RP 2a WSD for steel pipes.

    For short, the compressive axial stress, inplane bending stress and outplane bending stress are added as fractions of the whole beam-column elastic buckling state, and compared to the code's criteria that applies to your specific beam-column.
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    thank you i'll look at this
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