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Buckyonions & Beta-Decay

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1
    I'd read about some research by a Professor Ohtsuki in Japan, where he'd found that an atom will undergo accelerated beta-decay when trapped inside a C60 buckyball fullerene.

    So I wanted to ask if the effect could be enhanced still further using a multi-layered buckyonion. I was wondering if the buckyonion could be polarized in a radial direction, to build up higher electron charge density towards its interior. Perhaps that polarization could be caused by surrounding the buckyonion with anions, for example. Anyway, I was thinking that as the electrons from each layer crowd inwards towards the layer below, that this could end up creating a "hydraulic compression" effect (ie. a hydraulic piston works by taking force applied across a wider surface area and concentrating it onto a smaller surface area). The idea would be that the surface area on the outside of the buckyonion is significantly greater than the surface area on the inside of the buckyonion, so that the radial polarization would concentrate force against the smaller interior.

    I was thinking that this could then enhance the beta-decay rate still more.

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