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Budapest Mathematics Semester

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    Hi all,

    I came across the Budapest Math Semester and was wondering what people think of it? One of my profs has heard good things from faculty, but neither of us have been able to locate a student from our university to talk to. The idea of doing a summer session sounds awesome as well. I searched around and found a couple of old reviews, which were good, and mathwonk replied to a thread asking about this a while back which was helpful. However, just wondering if anyone here has done it, and if they found it worth the time and money.
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    I would also be interested in hearing about this program and others. Especially summer programs. I have searched many times but most of the "summer programs" are for highschool students :-p
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    My college roommate from a few years back did the math semester and she loved it. Stayed with a family, did some traveling, learned a bit of Hungarian. I hear it's also good if you want to focus more on your combinatorics. The only specific things I really remember about it were that she said she felt very safe there even walking around at night, and that she brought back all manner of curious and strong-smelling liquor when she returned.
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