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Buddhism, my problem

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    the buddhism teaches us that our consciousness are reincarnated whenever we pass away. However, just like the problem posed by athiests to christians about the notation of a beginning, I too, have the same question. Suppose that buddhists are right and that reincarnation is the way to go, how did our consciousness went into rotation in the first place?
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    By conservation of angular momentum.
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    There is no such thing as a true begining. In Judaism/christianity God creates everything in the begininning, but then this wasn't really the beginning, because god already existed and it seems impossible for there to be a beginning. This is similar to the buddhism problem. The reason that this problem exists is because Man always sees things as having a beginning and an end. It is hard for us to understand that existence cannot have a beginning. It's not an irrational idea though. The circle doesn't have a beginning or an end.
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    Very Zen, arildno. :rofl: :cool:
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    From a spiritual point of view, it really doesn't matter. But believing such things, especially if you work in science or math, in my opinion, takes a degree of "Doublethink".
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    Reincarnation is a religious doctrine, not a philosophical concept. As such, it doesn't have to make sense.
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    Is that any harder to believe than a universe emerges from nothing, or one that bangs and collapses in eternal cycles?
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    Please see our policy on religious discussions. This is a question that is best left for buddhism in particular, rather than philosophy in general.
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