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Bug in Mozilla 1.6 AND in Firefox 1.0?

  1. Feb 28, 2005 #1
    Bug in Mozilla 1.6 AND in Firefox 1.0???

    I've been trying to download lecture notes (.pps files) from this website:


    The ONLY one that I can get with Mozilla Firefox 1.0 OR with Mozilla 1.6 is the "Lecture 5" file. For all of the others the result is

    Not Found
    The requested URL ... bla bla bla ... was not found on this server.

    This, despite the fact that I have both Mozillas configured to update the cache every time I view a page, AND I have manually cleared the entire cache anyway.

    MS Internet Explorer downloads and opens all of these links with no problem.

    (Note, no problems with the "Homework" files, and no problem with the "Lecture 5" ppt file. Only the pps files are eluding me.)

    Any ideas?
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    It's not a bug. The person who made the webpage used a backslash character in the links, when (s)he should have used a forward slash. The resulting URLs are not compliant, and there is no general protocol browsers should use when trying to deal with non-compliant URLs.

    The easiest thing to do is to copy the URL, change the "%5C" (the ASCII for the backslash, encoded) to a forward slash, and download the files with any browser you prefer.

    - Warren
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    Thanks Warren. That's it.

    Funny, while I was playing around with it, I noticed that backslash and tried replacing "%5" with a / (but I didn't realize the first "C" was part of the code too).

    (I hope the Mozilla people will forgive me for insulting their browser.) o:) o:)
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    Lazy programmers. . . tsk tsk.
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