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Bugs that need fixing

  1. Nov 21, 2005 #1
    (1) I just posted a new thread in the Materials & Chemical Engineering forum. Then I noticed that I had named the thread incorrectly. So I used the Go Advanced editing function and changed the title of the thread. When I now open my thread it has the new, correct title. But the old, incorrect title still shows in the forum's thread list. When the title is edited and changed, the new revised title should show up in the forum's list of threads.

    (2) After I composed the thread, it had a number of paragraphs. I clicked on Preview to see how the thread looked. But when I left the preview, and went back to make some changes in the compose box, the spacing for new paragraphs had been removed ... and I had to add all the spacings back on. I did this two or three times (previewed the message and then went back to the compose box) ... and each time the paragraph spacing was removed and I had to replace the spacings. That really makes it a pain in the neck to use the preview function. This bug should be corrected.

    Milton Beychok
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    #2 is one that we're already aware of, and is on Greg's to-do list. It is a problem that arrived with the upgrade (not the new skin, but the upgrade done a month or so ago). I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix.

    As for changing the title, I'm not sure how that's supposed to work. You can send a PM to any of the mentors with a link to the thread and the correct title, and we can change the thread title for you if you can't edit it yourself (or so I've been told...I haven't tried it yet...pick me! pick me! :biggrin:). This generally applies to anything you're having a problem editing in a post as a way to get it fixed.
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    Titles aren't allowed to be altered after 4 minutes of being posted, but you can change the internal title which is likely what confused you.
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