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Homework Help: Buikder C++

  1. Jul 11, 2004 #1
    I will start studying in my colege from this September on, first year! i bought builder C++ borland. after installing, i find it nopt the same as my friend's, i went look at hers yesterday. No grpahic included in my borlnad C++, i think there must be form in a project for drawing and then after i double click on the form i can code for the form, mine is only blank and only for codeing thins like a notepad. its a waste of monye i did make!!! :cry:
    Hepl me ??????
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    I don't personally have experience with Borland's compiler or Integrated Development Environment, but are you sure your friend isn't using Visual Basic instead of a C++ development tool? From your description, it sound like that might be the case.

    If so, the reason your program is different from your friend's is because C++ and Visual Basic are two almost totally unrelated languages.
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