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Build a wooden car

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    I really need help!!! I along with 4 other people have to build a car out of ONLY wood and wood glue. The car must be powered by a person sitting in the "cab" of the car. It must travel 30 meters. For every extra person we fit in the car we earn more points. The only rule is that we can only use wood and wood glue...and water to lubricate if needed...NOTHING else!!! What would be the best way to transmit power from the pedals/crank/whatever to the wheels???? Please help any ideas would be VERY, VERY, VERY, appreciated.
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    Can it be moved like a wheelchair? (large wheels turned by hand?)
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    Or simply let the riders move it forward with their feet ala "Fred Flintstone"!
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    Is there a minimum speed requirement?
    What kind of materials/costruction tools do you have available?
    Did you have any ideas?
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