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Build your own Vasimr-type drive

  1. Feb 14, 2004 #1
    First off; get the fuel tank, get the fuel supply lines and attach to ionisation chamber.
    Ionisation chamber- get a small metal semicircular dish, and weld in americium isotops (to make it ionise the gas)
    Put in some small holes for the fuel supply lines.
    Heating chamber-
    This is a larger cylingrical chamber- meshed on both sides (cover mesh with magnet wire) with magnatrons in the middle (on the sides, aiming in the middle, but missing each other).
    Put current on both sides of the mesh, and place a temperature controlled trigger- see later
    exhaust chamber-
    basically a coil gun, to fire the ionised fuel out the back of the masimar thruster.

    Cycle goes like
    const ctemp = 200
    const wamo = 100
    do while true
    Do until intake.timeleft <= 0
    Do until temp >= ctemp
    temp = findtemp()
    wait 1
    wait wamo

    (in VBcode ofcource)

    What do you think of this?
    Please point out anything i did wrong/did not do.
    de Nice codre
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    Did you actually build it and seen it work ? :wink:
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    I don't have the materials/time/money to make this :frown:
    I may be able to get a few $$ if the probe (see my idea on an autonomous satilite) actually gets launched.

    And this is a cross between vasimir and your regular ion drive.
    with a bit of tweeking, (and more coils) this could be quite a powerful moter.

    It also pulses its ions, rather then a continuous stream; which is quite good (charge up cap bank- 10-20F) then BOOM (new use- weapon, cooker and fire-starter)

    Hopefully someone can build this...
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