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Building a basic robot

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    I would like to build a basic automated robot. Is there any recommendations on what resources I should look at?

    Currently, my objectives for the robot is:

    -Ability to move along a 2-D flat surface (with wheels)
    -Able to pick up and transfer an erasor (using optical (IR) sensors/closed feedback)


    Should this thread be in the Mechanical Engineering section?


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    Yes. First of all, pick a microcontroller. Microchip's PIC is a nice one. They even send free samples to you. You can also use Motorola chips or any brand you like. Then, learn to program it. Its really more easy than doing it with hardware. Then, look for projects in the web: there are tons of free projects. I would recomend you check
    Hope it helps
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    I see a ton of do-it-yourelf robotics books in the engineering section at my local Border's book store. I'd say take a look and google robotics. There are a ton of sites out there like was already mentioned.
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    Besides the microcontroller, is AI necessary for making a robot?
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    You can experiment with ARobot from Arrick Robotics.
    http://www.robotics.com/arobot/ [Broken]
    Its a programmable robot using Basic Stamp II controller using the PBasic Language. Is definitely a very expandable robot and a good start. I plan on purchasing this one.
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    It dpeneds on what you mean by "AI".

    I would consider the logic necessary to:

    (1) Locate and identify the eraser.
    (2) Determine its spatial position.
    (3) Figure out how to get to it.
    (4) Figure out how to get to the destination.

    to all fall under the term "artificial intelligence".
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