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Building a dam

  1. Mar 11, 2006 #1


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    I have one question about dams
    When building a dam with clay core you must prepare that core ( so the moisture would be optimal , geomechanical characteristics would be satisfied and that sort of things,don't have time to elaborate all)
    I have heard on lectures that there are two ways to prepare the core , to reach the required moisture
    1. First way is cone method ( knobby cone method or you say truncated cone method..English is not my mother tongue so i have bit problems translating these)
    2. The other way is , as our prof. translated -> method of Rice Fields
    Now, my problem is , that i can't find anywhere about this rice fields method and i don't have it explained in book.
    does anyone recall something like this, maybe you call it different way on English (you probably do!) so i can then search the net to see what exactly that is

    Thank you all in advance
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    Have you tried translating the name your proffessor given from your mother tounge to english using google translate? That may give you a better idea.
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    unfortunately there is no option there for my language (Bosnian) :(
    i am hoping someone will know what i am talking about and give me the right word in English , usually when translating technical words they use word closest to the language and rarely the exact translation
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    so any of you guys know this???
    i would really appreciate all help!
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