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Building a Database in Python

  1. Oct 17, 2013 #1
    Does anyone have a good tutorial or start-up advice for building a database in Python? The only database software I've ever used is Microsoft Access, but I've heard it's possible to build databases in Python.

    I was thinking I'd start off with a simple database: a few tables that can draw information from one another. Basically, what I'm unsure of is creating an optimal interface to enter data. Any hints / guidance or pertinent links would be helpful.

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    Sqlalchemy is very popular for integrating with databases. Many Python web frameworks use it.

    Did you want something that works on the web or on the desktop?

    For the web, Django has become the most popular choice. Though it's somewhat overkill for small applications, the documentation is excellent, and there are tons of books and tutorials available. For something more lightweight, try Flask.

    For desktop apps, take a look at Camelot and Dabo.
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