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Building a device NEEDS HELP

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    hi guys

    i want to make a device consists of
    - a motor
    - stick (60 cm long, 0.4 Kg)
    - remote control
    - step motor to pull a rope

    the idea is the main motor rotates the stick for seconds or for a minute. and the step motor pulls the rope 360 or 720 degrees. and all these motors controlled by a remote control from a distance around 50 to 100 meters. the device should be light not heavy....

    the HELP i need are
    - what elese i need ? (some people told me i need some electronic chip for timing)
    - what type/kind of motors i can use? (by the way i dont knw much about motors)
    - what type of remote contol i can use?
    - what type of buttries i can use?

    am sure you have the right path and better ideas than what i have.... TELL ME PLEASE

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    What is a rob?
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    a rope
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    You really need to give us more detail. A sketch would be an excellent start. Also, you should tell us things like what the rope is hauling, how much it will be used, etc. For example, you're hauling over 50 to 100 yards - batteries might be a poor option, unless you're talking car batteries - but that won't be very light...
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