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Building a Kirlian Machine

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    About thirty years ago I was experimenting with some electrical/magnetic devices and found that a machine called a Kirlian machine would light up the path (coronal discharge) of magnetic fields and so I could visually see the presence of a magnet field and therefore an electrical current as it flows.

    Kirlian machines at that time were available in catalogs but were quite expensive. I found one to rent for a while for my experimentation instead of buying one.

    I would like to have a Kirlian machine again for experimentation but the high quality ones are no longer available for purchase or rent. The ones I have seen on the Internet are not sufficient for the experiments I want to conduct. So I would like to build one myself.

    The only thing I remember about the current from the Kirlian machine is that it is high-voltage/ low-amperage. The amperage may be around 5Ma or less and the voltage may be 50,000 volts up to 200,000. It would be nice to have variable control for the amps and volts to be able to experiment with the settings.

    If anyone could help me get started and perhaps give some tips as I build the machine, I will be very grateful.

    All the best,

    Billy Baty
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    Have you tried approaching antique dealers who specialise in scientific instruments?
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    I've heard of Kirlian photography, which allowed bedazzled researchers to view the auroral life energy in leaves 'n stuff. Worked on dead leaves too.

    Can you use a Van Degraph Generator?

    Neon lamp supplies can put out 15KV and 30KV AC.

    There are also voltage multipliers and spark coils.
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