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Building a large DC motor

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    I would like to start building a simple DC motor Go-kart, but I would like to build my own DC motor for it. A simple one that can make the car move.

    I know how DC motors work and I understand the physics of it, but i'm not sure about some things:
    - Are all DC motors (large or small) the same (same mechanism and parts like the magnets, commutator, etc.) and are they built the same way?

    - How much wattage, voltage, force is needed to make the Go-kart move (with me in it)?

    Thank you.
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    The generic design you select will depend on whether you are better at machining accurate parts, or at building electronics. And on whether you insist on making your own drive train between the motor and the wheels.



    I would guess that golf cart motors would be a reasonable model for what you would need. So that is "a few horsepower."


    Depending on how efficient your motor is, that means you need something in the range of a few kilo-watts.
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    your last question can be rather loaded.... what is your backround?
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    Thank you for the replies! It really helped.
    I'm a 17 year old student and I pursue a mechanical engineering career.
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