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Building a Penny Shooter

  1. Oct 16, 2007 #1

    First of all, I highly doubt this is in the correct forum so move it if necessary. I've been at this forum for a while although I never really bothered to post anything. The other day however, I decided that I wanted to build a penny shooter, or a gun that shoots penny's into maybe watermelons or items of that nature. The problem is that I am having trouble finding ways to accelerate the penny. A compressor would be too big, so my guess is that pressure is out of the deal. Any ideas from you guys?

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    Shooting Star

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    Try using a compressed spring, and see how much effective it is. It can be dangerous, though.
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    Compressor? What about using CO2 cartridges?
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    How far do you think a spring would launch it?
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