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Building a Resume for internship

  1. Jan 11, 2013 #1
    Hey guys,
    My advisor wants me to send him my resume for next week and im a little nervous that i wont have anything to put. Ive been employed at Mcdonalds, Roundtable, and i also work as a Lab tech at my univ. (setting up lower division labs). I was also a grader for a year. ​
    Over Spring/summer I had also worked on a Project with my professor and we submitted it to an apparatus competition For AAPT in Philadelphia and we took 3rd place. I Was also the Representative that he sent to be at the poster session. I am sure that is something that i would want on a resume but what do i refer to that as? Does that count as a publication? Well there was actually two paper written off of one apparatus. I guess i don't know how to put that on my resume properly. I want it to sound really good! So i was hoping for some tips on what exactly to call it? do i describe my job on the apparatus assembly/design? ​

    I also dont have any Programming experience, but i am going to be taking a circuits course and a python course this semester, so should i mention anything about concurrent enrollment in a programming course.?
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