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Building a submarinehelp!

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    we were asked to build a submarine as a requirement to pass our physics subjct...
    the problem is.we dont know how to start, and what materials(simple and not expensive by the way) should we use:frown:

    also our prof said that it is going to be a race (and it will be uhm..1week frm now)and we will be competing with other groups..
    could you give me some tips on how to increase the speed of our submarine?
    and what are the factors that should be considered in building a submarine?...

    *PS:eek:ur submarine should have a lenght of (max)=1m, and should be 2ft below the surface...

    ur reply wud be highly appreciated...:smile:
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    At a depth of only 2 feet, the materials are not really a concern. I don't suspect this device is intended to last any significant amount of time, so rotting or corrosion are not much of an issue either.

    If you're just trying to make this thing move through the water as fast as possible, try to make it lightweight, hydrodynamic, and have a LOT of thrust.

    - Warren
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    Well, for a race, one would probably prefer a torpedo. :biggrin: So what are the basics of submarine or torpedo - vessel (hull), power/propulsion, and guidance.

    Vessel - something tubular with a round nose and round stern. For speed it should be streamlined as much as possible. Materials could be pipe of metal, plastic, wood, . . . e.g. 3" PVC pipe, or larger. Add ballast to set bouyancy for 2 ft below surface.

    Power/propuslion - some type of motor and propeller. Torpedoes have electric propulsion systems using batteries. Finding a propeller might be problematical, but a hobby shop, which sells model boats might have them, or one could machine a propellor. Compressed gas is a possibility. Chemical reaction might work, but is complicated and perhaps hazzardous. A constraint is interior size of hull.

    Guidance - some type of fins/rudder to make submarine go in straight line - or one use a gyroscope, but that needs power.

    This might help - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpedo
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