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Building a trebuchet

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    hey all,
    im building a trebuchet and i wanted a litte advice on slings. my trebuchet is about 7 feet tall with a 12 foot arm; i wanted to know if anyone had experience in trebuchets and if they could help me with the sling, or direct me to somewhere with that info. thanks

    http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c67/hisdudeness300/pic1.jpg [Broken]
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    what exactly do you want to know?
    -nocarkid88 :)
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    usually the length of the sling is about the same length as the arm. do you know how to set up a trigger?
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    Sling Length

    Did you ever get your sling length figured out?
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    A program to help you out

    Nice start you got there. Having been involved in two trebuchet projects (my brother did the work, I just advised on the physics parts), I noticed three things are important.

    1) The sling release mechanism: A ring that slides off a bent nail is easy and works well. The angle of the bent nail matters.

    2) Structural integrity: From your picture, if thats only a 2x4 on the arm... how much weight are you planning on putting in the box? Also, what is that pivot beam made of?

    3) Weight and length ratios: Check out the website below for optimal parameters.

    This website, http://www.algobeautytreb.com/" [Broken], is by far the best site I've found. It even includes a computer program to model your trebuchet and help you figure out the optimal sling length. Very helpful.
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