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Building an electrolaser

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
    I'm sorry about posting this here.. it's not homework don't worry :tongue2: But I just feel that there must be a more specific subthread for it than general physics, but nevertheless I suppose a moderator can move it if they are aware of such a subthread?

    Anyway onto the actual thread:

    Basically I was reading about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolaser" [Broken] as I found it quite helpful)

    So to work out the wavelength of the laser required I went to wikipedia again (that great source of reliable data :smile:) and took their figure for the first ionisation energy of Nitrogen which is 1402.3 kJmol-1 and divided it by Avogadros constant to get the number of Joules required per molecule of nitrogen. (I don't know how to use Latex sorry must learn at some point would greatly appreciate any help)

    I got my result to be 2.3286 x 10-18 Joules. I then used E = hf and divided my value by plancks constant in order to calculate the frequency which I got to be 3.5143 x 1015 Hz.

    I then divided c, 299,792,458 ms-1 by my value in order to calculate the wavelength, which I got to be 8.5307 x 10-8 M.

    Is this the correct way to calculate the wavelength of laser required? And is such a laser feasible? Also, is it possible to ionise the molecule by exploiting the resonance of the bond, in which case, how do you work out the natural frequency of the bond?

    I guess there is probably a more efficient way of building an electrolaser than targeting nitrogen as although it is the major constituent of the atmosphere it is also very stable..

    Any replies appreciated,
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