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Building an H-Bomb

  1. Jul 23, 2004 #1

    It's a bit old this one but still, it's funny! Also, can this "recipe" theoretically work if I were to try it out (not that I am!!).

    ALso, anyone else got any interesting sites with stuff like this??
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    "To avoid ingesting plutonium orally follow this simple rule: never make an A-bomb on an empty stomach."

    Ha! :rofl:
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    i hope those instructions on that h-bomb site dont work.....plz dont tell me they do....do they?
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    Ha! Constructing an H-bomb is pretty easy. You can find instructions in your library more than likely. Its just getting the Uranium/Plutonium thats the hard part.
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    that 10 question test was great, i had no idea that reading evidence that solar energy is a communist conspiracy makes me emotionaly eligible to join the nuclear club :rolleyes:
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