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Homework Help: Building Height problem

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    A surveyor stands on flat ground at an unknown distance from a tall building. She measures the angle from the horizonal ground to the top of the building; this angle is pi/3. next she paces 40ft further away from the building. the angle from the ground to the top of the building is now measured to be pi/4.
    a)how tall is the building
    b) If the surveyor moves 20 feet further from the building what will the angle from the horizontal to the building's roof be.

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    Let the height of the building, in feet, be h, the initial distance from the building be x. Then you have [itex]tan(\pi/3)= \sqrt{3}= x/h[/itex]. 40 ft further away, the building is still h feet high and the distance from the building is now x+ 40 feet. Now you have [itex]tan(\pi/4)= 1= (x+40)/h[/itex]. You now have two equations to solve for x and h.

    For (b), let [itex]\theta[/itex]. You have already solved for x so you know the distance from the building is x+ 40+ 20. And, of course, you have solved for h. Now, [itex]tan(\theta)= (x+ 60)/h[/itex]. Solve that equation for [itex]\theta[/itex].
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