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Building study stamina

  1. May 27, 2007 #1
    i need to find a way to be able to study for a long long time and stay focused. I can only study for like 1-2 hours before crapping and getting fatigued. I think in college, iwll need to be able to study more than that everyday if i want to scuceed. So, how do i build study stamina?

    I want to be able to ahve enough stamina to be able to study as much as i need to. Like if i need to study 6 hours for whatever reason, i want to be able to do it without my mind fatiguing so quickly.
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    Personally I've found that studying 1 subject for anymore that 2 hours to be unhelpful. The easiest way for me to master material is to spend about an hour a day, per a class/subject, studying/rewriting notes/doing problems. However I'll admit it does get difficult to spend time in a certain subject everyday and sometimes you are just to busy.
    If you want to build stamina why not do it the way athletes do? Start out with some easy problems then work your way upwards challenging yourself a little more each time.
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    Also, its not about quantity of study all the time. It's also about quality. Learn some good study habits in order to make the best use of the time before you get fatigued. We all get fatigued eventually. The trick is to make the best use of your time.

    Spread your studies out. Don't cram.

    Also, mix it up. If your studied a math related subject an get fatigued, take a break and afterwards, switch to a humanities. I hear it helps if you don't study similar subjects together.
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    Try coffee.
  6. May 28, 2007 #5
    ive actually tried it, and it doesnt really work for me unfortunately,. :frown:
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