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Building wireless earphones

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    I wanted to get wireless (bluetooth) earphones for my mp3 player but when I checked I found that they were way out of my price range (bluetooth earphones for phones with bluetooth are relatively cheep, but for a regular mp3 player they're expensive ~ 200 dollars).
    So I had an idea: I can make a radio transmitter that plugs into where my earphones normally plug in and make it transmit the music at some AM frequency up to about a meter - and then make a tiny radio receiver for that frequency only which I connect to some earphones. The I just have to plug the transmitter into the mp3 and the music will be transmitted to the earphones.
    Now, I've never actually built a transmitter before (just the receiver) though I'm pretty sure I know how. So my question is - do you think that this is a feasible solution to the problem? Would it be possible to build a transmitter that didn't substantially lower the sound quality? Are there better solutions to this problem?
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    How about some fm radio headphones and a fm modulator like they sell for playing mp3's in your car. It would all be < $50 I would think.
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