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Bulk Modulus

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    We are studying the waterhammer in a Refinery. Since the bulk modulus is involved in this study, we will like to know where to find the bulk modulus at different temperatures and pressures for several refinery fluids such as kerosene, diesel, atmospheric and vacuum residue.

    We have found some info about kerosene in the handbook of aviation fuel properties, but not further information has been found in the net.

    Thanks for your cooperation


    Jorge de Orueta
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    NIST has a program called REFPROP that you should be able to use to find the properties. Try contacting them.

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    Thanks for the info Stewartcs. It seems that this page give information for pure components. For blends such as diesel, kerosenes, etc, looks a bit difficult to estimate this bulk modulus.

    Any other ideas?
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