Bulk modulus

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Anybody knows the formula for bulk modulus? Need answers ASAP


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Jelfish said:
If you ever need an equation, it'll probably be faster to look up google or wikipedia than to ask at a message board.
Absolutely true.

However, in just this one case, Wiki has a small error in the equation they provide. That equation is missing a minus sign. It should read :

[tex] K= -V~ \frac { \Delta P}{\Delta V} [/tex]


[tex]\Delta P \equiv P_{final} - P_{initial} [/tex]

[tex]\Delta V \equiv V_{final} - V_{initial} [/tex]

Still, this has taken half a day, for something that can be found in less than 5 minutes using Google. But this way, you have to do no work.
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The sign error has been corrected.

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