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Bulletproof Glass

  1. Feb 6, 2007 #1
    Wasn't too sure where to put this as it is not actually homework. Anyway, I've been called upon to do a presentation on a material for prospective Physics students. I was going to do ferrofluids as they look extremely cool, but they want a material with a proper use, therefore I have chosen to do bulletproof glass.

    Now I understand the whole lamination effect and I also know about one way glass. However, I have so far proved incapable of finding any diagrams or clips of it in action or ones that explain the Physics for it. Also, if you know of books, information or sites that can give me more information that'd be great, not so much for the presentation, more for personal interest.
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    if I'm not mistaken the stuff is plexigless, Lexan, etc--might try googling.
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    ... Ferrofluids were originally developed by NASA to confine liquids in space. Commercial applications include ultracentrifuge rotor seals ... from this link

    http://jchemed.chem.wisc.edu/jcesoft/cca/CCA2/MAIN/FEFLUID/CD2R1.HTM" [Broken]

    Some more applications

    http://www.lord.com/tabid/3327/Default.aspx" [Broken]
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