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Homework Help: Bumper cars and physics

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    [SOLVED] bumper cars and physics

    My group assigned me to make a graph of anything relating to bumper cars. They weren't very specific. I was thinking something that has to do with momentum and force or acceleration and momentum, or impulse and monoentum, but i'm not sure what would make sense. If anyone has any suggestions and maybe what the shape of the graph would look like, that would be great.

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    anyone have any ideas, i need this for tomorrow, and i still need to put it together, so it would be good to have an idea within the next half hour or so. I though maybe i could do something with kinetic energy too, but i dont know.

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    sorry to post again, but i thought of a good one. impulse and mass. what would this graph look like and whats the relationship between the two?
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    i wonder what would happen if i presented that as part of my groups presentation.
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