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Bungy jump

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    When we are playing bungy jump, we are instantanous at rest at the bottom(K.E=0).
    At that time, is elastic P.E. greater than gravitional P.E? :confused:
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    Potential energy relative to what?? Potential energy is always measured relative to some point and you haven't told us what that point is. My first guess would be "relative to the point from which you jumped" but in that case the potential energy would be negative and the question is trivial. My second guess would be "relative to
    the ground but you haven't told us the height above the ground.
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    comparing potential energies

    You can't comapre potential energies. Because their value are chose arbitrarily. but sure you can compare change in potential energies.

    So, if your potential energies initially have the same value, then a direct comparison is possible.

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