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Bunny Rap

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    That's adorable! :rofl:
  4. Mar 24, 2005 #3
    Hehe, my chemistry professor sent that to our entire class earlier this week. I thought it was pretty great. :biggrin:
  5. Mar 25, 2005 #4
    oh nooooo Ive been singing this Rap all afternoon! Someone make it stop!
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    Funny... I've always imagined you having a slightly deeper voice... :rolleyes:
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    It seems that s/he has received 19k USD rofl.

    Cute bunny though:

    http://www.savetoby.com/i/gallery9.jpg [Broken]
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    He looks pretty tastie to me.
  10. Mar 25, 2005 #9
    Yeah, he should sell tickets to come have dinner "with" Toby, if the deadline is not met.
  11. Mar 25, 2005 #10


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    Fire up the stewpot, baby! I'll start stroppin' my skinning knife... :approve:
  12. Mar 25, 2005 #11
    yummy roast bunny with herbed butter sauce!
  13. Mar 25, 2005 #12


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    Stop! You're making me drool again! :tongue2:

    And this time it involves food... :wink:

    And while I'm on the subject, I just found your picture in the photo section. I wish it was bigger. You look stunning, but my eyes aren't that good any more. :frown:
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  14. Mar 25, 2005 #13
    That can be bad for your keyboard! And thanks for the nice compliment, lol but you really should have your eyesight checked :cool:
  15. Mar 25, 2005 #14


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    Given the amount of beer, cat hair and ashes that are in there already, I doubt that a little hormone-drenched saliva can do any more damage.

    In your case I would be content to rely on braille, but my arms aren't quite skinny enough to get through the phone line. :wink:
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