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A Buoyancy and fluid displacement

  1. Jun 20, 2016 #1

    I've search for a while on these threads, and its difficult to find the answers that I'm looking for. I know perpetual energy machines are banned from topic, but closely related is the idea of free energy.

    Is free energy (or close to it) allowed to be a topic of conversation? Why not if someone has an idea they would love to share, or if they are wrong, explain as to why they are wrong so they don't go through life never knowing how to test the theory.

    My theory of "Conservative Energy" relates with buoyancy. I wish to be debunked, but please explain why in an understandable, scientific matter. ("Because saying x + y = z, therefore it wont work", is a lot better than "Google it, It wont work period so stop trying")

    Anyways, here goes.

    You have an object that sinks in water, (I've imagined a steel ball that is hollow). This steel ball first fills up with water, making it less buoyant than the water. Attached to a turbine and a pole, creates electricity on it's decent to the bottom of the ocean. When the ball hits the bottom, electric coils heat up to create air. Air flows upward into the steel ball, displacing the water, and making the steel ball buoyant. As it ascends, turbines again are spinning to create more electricity. The longer the decent, the more energy can be created. Also, the deeper the water, the faster the water boils, and less energy is required to life the steel ball back to the surface.

    Any ideas to improve this work would be greatly appreciated, or if it will not work, please help me and explain why it wont.

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    Doc Al

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    No. From the list of 'closed topics' in our posting guidelines:
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    1. "Free energy" = "perpetual motion". So you haven't found either a way around our rules or the laws of thermodynamics.
    2. See this link for the ancient class of failed PMMs you have attempted: https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/museum/unwork.htm
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