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Homework Help: Buoyancy and radius of object

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    An iron ball is suspended by a thread of negligible mass from an upright cylinder that floats partially submerged in water. The cylinder has a height of 6.00 cm, a face area of 12.0 cm^2 on the top and bottom, and a density of 0.30 g/cm^3. 2.00 cm of its height is above the surface. What is the radius of the iron ball?

    The ball is completely submerged but the cylinder is floating so which a should I solve it first, submerged or floating. I'm approaching it as a floating object right now.

    Using the equation p(liq)gV(obj)= Mg

    Is this in the right direction?
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    Doc Al

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    I would treat each object separately, considering all the forces on them.
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