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Homework Help: Buoyancy, Volume, Mass

  1. Apr 22, 2012 #1
    Buoyancy, Volume, Mass..Please Help!

    a) If 2 boxes have the same apparent weight when submerged in stationary fresh water, and V1 (the volume of box 1) is greater than V2 (the volume of box 2) would the buoyancy of box 1 be greater than box 2 and masses be equal?? If not, would be relationship of the buoyant force on box vs. buoyant force box 2 and b/t masses??

    b) If two boxes of the same density float on stationary fresh water and M1 (the mass of box 1) is greater than M2 (the mass of box 2) would the magnitude of the buoynat force on each box be the same and the fraction of each box submerged be the same? If not, which would be greater for each?

    c)if a boat is floating on a fresh water lake and an anchor is at bottom of boat and then thrown into water, what will happen to height of water and fraction of boat that is submerged? I think the height will increase and fraction will decrease...no??

    Please help...I know this has to do with Archimedes' Principle but I am not sure...many thanks!!
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    Re: Buoyancy, Volume, Mass..Please Help!

    Can someone help, please?
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